When it comes to photographers, there are two basic kinds: 1) those who take great photos, and 2) those who make great photos. I prefer to be in the first catergory. Those who take great photos tend to spend less time in Photoshop or some other post production mode, and therefore tend to charge less overall for their services as they focus on doing it correctly initially. I work out of my home, therefore I have no studio upkeep fees to pass on to you through overhead.

I shoot on both Nikon and Canon camera bodies. When you hire me, you get ME, not some random associate. I'll be the one doing your shoot, as well as the one doing any post processing. I believe in getting your proofs to you ASAP. It's a priority to me to ensure that you have them promptly to fit your schedule, not mine.

You hire me for one event, for one day. There are no per hour charges. I don't double book days/events. You don't have to worry about rushing any part of your event in order to squeeze more photos into less time. I don't use buzzwords like "photojournalism" to increase my rates. I don't charge extra for wardrobe changes, or extra poses.

Want to do a family portrait at the same time as a Senior Photo session? Sure, no extra charge.

There are no exposure maximums, nor prints ordered minimums. I'm not here to gouge you for prints, I'd rather retain your business, and your faith in me through my services and ability then overcharge you for prints.

There will be no hidden fees or upsale pressure from me at ANY time.

My ambition is to be an affordable, desirable provider for your current as well as future photography needs.

I hope to hear from you soon, so we can work together to record YOUR event, for YOU!

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